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When can I make a 338 election?
338 election. This election can be made when the acquiring corporation (the buyer) makes a qualifying purchase of 80% or more of the target company's stock. The target company can be either a C corporation or an S corporation, and the buyer can be either a C corporation or an S corporation.
What are the major consequences of a section 338 g election?
A purchaser making a Sec. 338(g) election obtains numerous benefits in the international context. For federal income tax purposes, a Sec. 338(g) election made on a foreign target results in a step-up in the target's assets' bases, eliminates historic earnings and profits (E&P), and ends the target's tax year.
How long do you have to make a 338 election?
If the target is an S corporation, a section 338(h)(10) election must be made by all of the shareholders of the target, including shareholders who do not sell target stock in the QSP. File Form 8023 by the 15th day of the 9th month after the acquisition date to make a section 338 election for the target corporation.
How does a 338 election work?
An Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 338 election is often advantageous for buyers in corporate acquisitions. Sec. 338 permits a corporation that makes a qualified stock purchase of another corporation to elect to treat such acquisition as an asset rather than a share acquisition for federal tax purposes.
How does a Section 338 h )( 10 election differ from a section 338 g election?
A Section 338(h)(10) election is much more common than a Section 338(g) election because the 338(g) election results in two levels of tax, whereas a 338(h)(10) election results in only one.
How do I make a section 338 g election?
To make a 338(g) election for a target corporation, the purchasing corporation must acquire the target's stock in a qualified stock purchase (QSP).
What is a section 338 election?
An Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 338 election is often advantageous for buyers in corporate acquisitions. Sec. 338 permits a corporation that makes a qualified stock purchase of another corporation to elect to treat such acquisition as an asset rather than a share acquisition for federal tax purposes.
How do I make a 338 H 10 election?
A Section 338(h)(10) election can be made when one corporation purchases the stock of another corporation, and the election must be made jointly by the buyer and the seller.
Can an individual make a 338 election?
Only the deemed purchase/sale of the target company's assets is taken into account for tax purposes. A Sec. 338(h)(10) election can be made only when 1) the target company is an S corporation, or 2) the acquiring corporation buys stock of the target company from one or more corporate shareholders of the target company.
Can an LLC make a section 338 election?
However, an LLC taxed as a partnership is not eligible to make a 338(h)(10) election.
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