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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Stock acquisition form

Instructions and Help about Stock acquisition form

Hi I'm Meghan and here's a brief illustration of asset sales and stock sales what I've got here is really an illustration of a company and on the left side their balance sheet items cash receivables equipments some payables debt and on the right side off-balance sheet items bank accounts and accounts tax accounts with the government goodwill agreements customer lists recipes anything really involved in the company and then down here I've got a future lawsuit something that you don't as a business owner don't know about buyer doesn't know about it but it's sitting out there and someday it's it's gonna happen and over here we have a buyer and in a stock sale what happens is the buyer pays money to the business owner for ownership so there might be a stock certificate that comes over here and now the ownership slides right over so everything in the company moves over except for some excluded items a lot of times debt might stay there might be some excess cash that that's excluded but the the real key here is that future liabilities also move over they can try to be excluded in agreements but basically someone went someone Sue's you know they're gonna sue this original entity and it's gonna come come right to the new owner and that's what owners don't like about stock sales now let's look at an asset sale and an asset sale the flow of money is different the buyer sets up another company and funds that company then that company buys certain assets from the original company so receivables inventory plant equipment those assets might get bought and moved over a lot of these off-balance sheet stuff gets moved over may be payables gets moved over but some stuff gets left behind a lot of times debt gets left behind it is up to the original owner to pay off sometimes there's some some excess cash that is left behind by default anything that's not specified is left behind and that's important because future lawsuits any unknown and undisclosed liabilities they just by default get left behind in this shell and it's up to the previous owner to to take care of it and that that's what buyers like now if this is shell as a c-corp that's a problem and that's there's a big conflict here because buyers like asset sales but this money coming in up here gets taxed and a c-corp so the money comes in it gets taxed then that money is left in here and all the assets get moved out now the owner needs to get that money out and when the money comes out it's taxed as either dividends or salary and there's that double taxation it's taxed coming in and it's taxed going out now that's why business owners don't like asset sales with with secrets.

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